How To Backup Your Device

Backups are incredibly critical for the majority of our devices particularly our portable ones. Cellphones and tablets are vulnerable against robbery and human error, (for example, abandoning it at an open place or dropping it on the walkway). So I just have one...

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Cyber Security and Your Business

Cyber Security and Your Business

A friend of mine sent me an article this morning and I found it very interesting. The article was dealing with Cyber Security and the threat cyber attacks pose to every business. In the article, DHR International states that only 37 percent of boards have a plan in...

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Getting Rid of Your Old Computer

Getting Rid of Your Old Computer

Do you have an old computer laying around? Did you know you can't just throw them in the trash? (Pst! It's illegal in some states and bad for the environment!) You also don't want to bring it to just any recycler. Some of them are not disposing of the items but...

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Parental Controls

Parental Controls

I was asked by some friends of ours to look into options for parental controls. There are lots of options out there but I settled on two: OpenDNS - controls the servers that your computers, tablets, and phones in your house connect to in order to filter out...

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